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Tailor-made advice on location

Wouters & Van der Velde is specialised in helping people who work for international organisations buy a home in the Netherlands with a Dutch mortgage. 

Our years of experience enables us to provide expert help on site at large companies and international organisations so that employees can find out more about buying a house in the Netherlands on the spot, either via a one-to-one session or through a Q&A session with a larger audience.  

We understand the specific problems which people who work for agencies and multinationals may face when trying to buy a house in the Netherlands and we are aware of extra benefits and conditions attached to their salaries. 

This is why companies and organisations with international workforces like the European Patent Office work together with Wouters & Van der Velde to help their staff get a foot on the housing ladder. For example, we have an on-site office at the EPO.  

Contact us to find out how our financial experts can help your staff get really settled in the Netherlands.